Spiritual practice for curing mental and physical diseases

If you truly love yourself and others, if you wish to bring happiness to yourself and others, enjoy life, and have success, this mantra meditation is for you.

Who is Medicine Buddha?

The Medicine Buddha, known as Bhaisajyaguru in Sanskrit, embodies the healing aspect of the Buddha’s teachings. He is often depicted in deep blue, holding a jar of medicinal nectar and a plant in his hands, symbolizing the healing of physical and mental illnesses.

The mantra associated with the Medicine Buddha, “Tayatha Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha,” is recited for physical and emotional healing, promoting the well-being of oneself and others. Chanting this mantra is believed to invoke the Medicine Buddha’s blessings, aiding in the alleviation of suffering caused by diseases, removing obstacles to health, and leading to a peaceful and healthy life. The practice encourages compassion, purifies negative karma, and helps practitioners develop a healthier body and mind, moving them closer to enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

Starting Your Meditation Practice 

Comprehensive Guide: How to Begin Meditation

Before your meditation practice:

  • Make sure the place you are mediating is neither too dark nor too bright. Bright rooms can distract you, and dark rooms can make you feel sleepy.
  • Sitting in the same spot might help increase your ability to concentrate. Your body will start to associate this area with meditation, and nothing else.
  • Choose the time that fits your schedule. Some people feel like meditating in the morning, others prefer evening or late night.
  • Ideally, your meditation should be in a space free of pets, distracting loud noises or other people, especially when you are just starting your meditation practice. In the future you may find it easier to meditate with other people or even outside in nature.


Sit in a comfortable position and examine your mind. If there is to much distraction, focus on breathing to calm your mind or try reading or listening to a mantra or sacred text.

Then establish good motivation. Ask yourself following questions: Why am I meditating? What do I want to achieve by doing this meditation practice?

There are different reasons why we are meditating, it can calm your mind, relax, relive stress, achieve better understanding of oneself and others, learn more about mindfulness, serve as an escape from the crazy world around us, or generate love and compassion for other sentient beings and help them to avoid/stop suffering.

Just examine your thoughts and set the right motivation for yourself!

You can also read this motivation before every session:

“My life’s aim is to free all living beings from all their problems and the causes of these problems, which are in their minds, and also to bring them peace and happiness, especially the peerless happiness of full enlightenment, which they need. To accomplish this, I need a perfect, pure, healthy mind and body. For this reason, to benefit all living beings to the extent of space, I am going to do this healing meditation.”

Meditation on Medicine Buddha 

At dawn or another time, visualize your ordinary body. In the center of your chest is your heart, upside down, pointing upwards. Inside your heart is an eight-petalled white lotus. In the center of this is a moon disc, and on this is the Medicine Buddha. His holy body, clear and in the nature of deep blue light, is in the aspect of supreme transformation. He’s holding an arura plant in his right hand and a begging bowl in his left.

In front of the Healing Buddha is the white medicinal goodness, Actualize Wisdom. To his right, the yellow medicinal goddess, Simultaneous Wealth. Behind him, the red forest goddess, Neck of Peacock. To his left, the green tree goodness, Having Radiance. Each goddess is in the nature of blissful radiant light and has one face and two arms. Each goddess holds an arura plant in her right hand, and in her left, a vase adorned with various ornaments. Each is seated cross-legged (not in the full vajra position) in an attitude of respecting the Healing Buddha.

Visualization and Mantra Recitation

From the five deities in your heart, light beams are emitted in their respective colors. Your whole heart and body are filled with these blissful light beams, which completely purify all diseases, spirit harms, harmful actions, and their imprints. From all the pores of your body, five-colored light rays are emitted. Also, nectar flows down from the begging bowl and the vases held in the left hands of the five heart deities, completely filling your heart and body. Make a strong determination that all diseases have been wholly pacified forever, that you can no longer experience any illness.

While one-pointedly concentrating on this visualization, recite the Medicine Buddha’s short mantra 7, 21, 108, or more times.

If you’re ill with contagious or other diseases, after reciting the mantra, put some saliva on your left palm and rub it with the tip of your right ring finger. Then place the tip of the right ring finger at the base of the right and left nostrils, where there is a nerve called the All-Doing King Nerve. Then apply the saliva wherever there is a disease.

Short Healing Buddha Mantra:

Tayatha/ Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha-Bekandze/ Radza Samudgate Soha

Then make this request:

You, the destroyer, the qualified one gone beyond (Medicine Buddha), and the 5 medicinal goodnesses, please help me to avoid experiencing the various diseases and to pacify immediately those that I am already experiencing.

Then recite the mantra of “The Heart of Dependent Arising”

The mantra of “The Heart of Dependent Arising”

Om Ye Dharma Hetu-Prabhava Hetum Tesham Tathagato Hyavadat Tesham Cha Yo Nirodha Evam Vadi Mahashramanah Svaha (3 times)

This practice protects you from diseases not yet experienced and from those already being experienced. It is the terma (treasure) advice instruction of Padmasambhava.

Dedication After Completing The Meditation Session 

Due to all my past, present, and future positive actions, may the ultimate good heart that cherishes and cares for all living beings, who are the source of all my and others’ happiness in the past, present, and future, be generated in the minds of others.

Due to my positive actions of the past, present, and the future, and those done by these holy beings, may I achieve the peerless happiness of full enlightenment – the state of mind that is free of all mistakes and possesses all positive qualities – and lead everyone to this state.

Watch Guided Medicine Buddha Mantra Meditation here