The real cause of suffering is within you.

Running away to the mountains or to the moon is only a change of place, an external thing, which will not cut off the inner source of our problems. We have to check within ourselves.

Some people think that meditating is a waste of time. If you really want to heal people, you have to simply do it, visit hospitals, help homeless people, and so on.

It might be partially true, actions are really important. But by thinking meditation is useless, we only see what is in front of our eyes, without a real understanding of the true nature of things.

We are not thinking about the source of that starvation, those diseases, those conflicts, those relationship problems. We are just looking at the surface of suffering, wishing to address the symptoms of suffering, without digging deeper to find the root of suffering.

We should offer whatever we can. The motivation behind that is really important.

Root Delusions:

All our life problems arise because we believe there is a real “I” right here. This ignorance that believes in an inherently and truly existing “I” is the root of all suffering and emotional distress.


Meditation on emptiness/ truly existing “I”.


To material things, reputation, praise, and people.

When we do not get what we want, feelings of discontent and resentment arise. When we get the material things we want we feel momentary happiness, but we soon find ourselves wanting more.


Meditation on impermanence/ investigating a true nature of things.

Anger is a terrible enemy, as it ruins our inner peace and inflicts harm on others.


Meditate on anger and its harm. Anger is ALWAYS bad.
Meditation is not always sitting on a cushion. You have to be able to meditate in your everyday life. Practice patience.

Meditation on Death and Impermanence.