Buddha Shakyamuni Mantra

Buddha Shakyamuni - Siddhartha Gautama - THE Buddha


Siddhartha Gautama is the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism as we know it. He is also known as Shakyamuni. 


The term “Buddha” is itself an honorific, meaning Awakened One, and Shakyamuni’s actual name was Siddhattha Gotama (Sanskrit: Siddhartha Gautama), Gotama being the family name.


The Buddha was not a God, but a human being who attained an extraordinary insight into the nature of existence: an insight that rid his mind of delusion, hatred, and craving, and which allowed him to attain true happiness, free from suffering.


In iconography, Gautama Buddha is presented in many ways, but most commonly he is a flesh-toned figure gesturing with the mudra of fearlessness - left hand lying open in lap,  right hand held upright with fingers pointing skyward.


This historical Buddha we all know at "Buddha is believed to be the fourth of five Buddhas that will manifest in the current age.


The exact date of Buddha's birthday is based on the Asian lunisolar calendars. The date for the celebration of Buddha's birthday varies from year to year in the Western Gregorian calendar, but usually falls in April or May.



Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye.

Buddha Shakyamuni’s mantra is a play on his name.

Muni means sage.

Maha means great.

The mantra reads “Om wise one, wise one, greatly wise one, wise one of the Shakyans, Hail!”*

Benefits of the Mantra:


By reciting this dharani only once, all the harmful actions you have committed throughout 800,000 kalpas will be purified. They say that it possesses boundless qualities such as these, and is the sacred heart-essence of Buddha Shakyamuni.


The mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha could be said to be the essence of the Buddha, the essence of his enlightenment. It is in no way separate from the Buddha himself.Mantras are said to carry this enlightenment essence in the very sound of the syllables themselves. It’s an energetic thing. 


While reciting the mantra, from your heart, generate the request to the Buddha that he grant you inspiration to follow the path to full enlightenment; make this request on behalf of all living beings who are trapped in samsara. 


Rays of light stream from the figure of the Buddha before you. This light enters your body and quickly removes all negativities, obscurations and hindrances, freeing you to progress quickly on the path.


Imagine that this light flows not only to you, but to all living beings situated in space around you. Imagine that they all receive such inspiration and blessings as you recite the name mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha as many times as possible.

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