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The Seventh Mind Training

The best way to train the mind towards enlightenment is the path of concentration, developing non-duality (non-conceptuality) and emptiness.

Using this path one can develop profound control of the karmic energies movements.

Three meditation techniques will help you along the path.


  1. Seven-point meditation posture.

  2. Visualize the central (blue) channel and the energy running up and down.

  3. Meditate on this channel.

  4. Visualize a white HAM syllable on the crown of your head.

  5. Visualize a red syllable AH at your navel.

  6. Imagine that the energy from the AH syllable at your navel, cause the HAM syllable to melt.

  7. Special nectar produces due to the melting of HAM, which flows down to four chakras and all the minor channels.

  8. Now visualize a white AH syllable at your heart center.

  9. Relax and rest in one-pointed meditation.

  10. Until you familiarize yourself with the process, meditate in short frequent sessions.


  1. Purify your breath.

  2. Inhale - imagine that all appearances melt into light and merge into clear blue space.

  3. The light fills your entire body.

  4. Press the upper energy down, and draw the low energy upward, so they join together in the middle.


  1. Relax your mind and body.

  2. Keep your gaze fixed.

  3. Visualize yourself as the yidam deity.

  4. Fill the navel area with central energy. (Slightly inhale and press the upper energy slightly down)

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