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Start creating a positive Karma

It is said that on the eve of his enlightenment, the Buddha, with the power of his mind, reviewed the births and deaths of countless beings wandering throughout the cycle of existence in accordance with their karma. His great compassion was awakened when he saw all those beings wanting happiness, striving for happiness, yet performing the very actions that would lead to suffering.

When we do not understand the unfolding of karmic law, when we are deluded about the nature of things, then we continually create the conditions for greater suffering for ourselves and others, even when we are wishing and hoping for peace.

We can’t change the past. But we are fully responsible for the present moment. From this moment on, try to pay attention and carefully observe your life, all the actions and thoughts. It can become very clear how our actions lead to the certain results.

Changing your Karma

Every action, every through, every intention, every thing that you take from the society has an imprint on you. You have a choice, you have a choice every single second, you have a choice to act.

The meditation aims to teach you, to try to pay attention to your actions thoughts and results.

There is no one to blame and to praise, you’ve done it by yourself. You are here and now because of your previous actions and results.

Here’s how mindfulness changes karma. When you sit, you are not allowing your impulses to translate into action. For the time being you are just watching them. Looking at them, you quickly see that all impulses in the mind arise and pass away. They have a life of their own. They are not you but just thinking, and you do not have to conform to them.


Not feeding or reacting to impulses, you come to understand their nature as thoughts directly.


Mindfulness can thereby refashion the links in the chain of actions and consequences. In doing so, it unchains us, frees us, and opens up new directions for us through the moments we call life. Without mindfulness, we get stuck, all too easily, in the momentum coming out of the past with no clue to our own improvement, and no way out.

If we hope to change our karma, it means we have to stop making those things happen that cloud mind and body and color our every action. It means knowing who you are and that you are not your karma, whatever it may be at this moment. It means to align yourself with the way things actually are—It means seeing clearly.

When you stop outward activity for some time and practice being still, right there, in that moment, with that decision to sit, you are already breaking the flow of old karma and creating an entirely new and healthier karma.

The very act of stopping, of nurturing moments of non-doing, of simply watching, puts you on an entirely different footing vis-à-vis the future. How? Because it is only by being fully in this moment that any future moment might be one of greater understanding, clarity, and kindness, one less dominated by fear or hurt and more by dignity and acceptance.

Only what happens now happens later. If there is no mindfulness or equanimity or compassion now, in the only time we ever have to contact it and nourish ourselves, how likely is it that it will magically appear later, under stress or duress?


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