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Meditation on Mother’s Compassion

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

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Meditation on Mothers's Love

Step 1.

Generating Compassion

Be seated on your meditation cushion and visualize your mother, whether living or dead, as you remember her best. Visualize her very clearly in front of you. Think of her sitting there, gazing at you with loving eyes and smiling.

Step 2.

Recognition of Your Mother's Kindness

To begin with, your mother carried you in her womb for nine months, during which she was constantly concerned for your safety. She avoided actions, foods, and circumstances that might have endangered your health or welfare. Even before you were born, she was thinking about your benefit and making efforts to remove your sufferings.

At all times your mother remained concerned for your well-being.

She often went without sleep at night and worked until her bones grew tired.

She denied herself food and clothing when necessary, and passed up luxuries and comforts for herself so that you might have them.

How can we forget such kindness?

Step 3.

Recognition of the Need to Repay Your Mother's Kindness

Having recognized your mother's kindness, you should also recognize your responsibility to repay it.

Step 4.

Meditation on Repaying Your Mother's Kindness

Meditate on your mother: Focus on her and think about her, with a feeling of sadness about the plight she is in and her inability to achieve the happiness she longs for.

Practice in this way for a long time, and repeat your efforts regularly.

Imagine that all living beings have been your mother in previous lifetimes.

Step 5.

When you have used this image of your mother with some success, move on to lovingly visualizing your father, by simply adjusting the details.

From there, work on your kin, your friends, and on strangers for whom you have no feelings. Next, meditate on your enemies, who arouse anger every time you think of them.

Recall that they have all been your own kind mother in past lives, but that they are unable to recognize this because you and them have both changed; in their deluded states, they cannot see that reality. You can really see these enemies as your mother, remember the harm of vengeance and anger.


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