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Meditation on Death

Buddhism is talking openly about death, In Buddhism generally, death isn’t death—it’s a staging area for further life. Buddhists believe in life after death because the Buddha taught that human beings are each born an infinite number of times, unless they achieve Nirvana.

Most Buddhists believe that death marks the end of this life and the passage into the next. It is just one spoke among infinite spokes in samsara, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. According to the Buddha, beings go through countless births and deaths until they gain enlightenment.

We are reborn according to our karmic traces. The engine of the ego is so powerful that even when the body dies, the mind continues its clinging and searching. In this way, according to Buddhism, it builds a bridge to another body and takes birth again.

The Buddha taught that the where, when, and how of rebirth is entirely determined by our accumulated karma. That is, our actions in this and previous lives shape the outcome for the next life. Even at the point of death and thereafter, we can make choices that will have a positive or negative effect on our next life. The attitude of the mind at death is very important, Buddhists believe. The less fear and aversion we experience at death, and the more focus, calm, and equanimity we have, the more likely we will be reborn in good circumstances. Which is why preparing the mind for death through meditation is a core element of Buddhist practice.

The Buddha taught his disciples not to fear death. This has been interpreted by Buddhists as suggesting that if they live well, their rebirth will be good.

Death is





Visualize the teeming masses of people populating this earth. Consider the reality that each one of them will die. This is just unchangeable, it’s hard to understand, but everyone of us will eventually die.

Everything is constantly changing, everything is impermanent, you are no different from anyone else on this planet, all of the sentient beings that are on this planet will be dead in 100 years. Even you. The two things we have in common with everyone on this planet without exception are life and death.

So death is not the end, it’s a new beginning.

We all know that death is certain, but yet we waste so much time as if it’s unlimited. I will start doing this on Monday, tomorrow, next moth, next year. Why? Why not now? Why not call your parents now and tell how much you love them, why fight with someone if both of you will eventually die, and before you die you will regret how much time you wasted by being childish and not talking.

Now think of today, of this amazing day, that you can make something happen right now, something that will change your life and life around you for better.

Meditation is the best way to start realizing what death is and how you can deal with it. Meditating on death will help you to appreciate every single day.

You are here and now


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