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Meditation in Dzogchen

The Fifth Mind Training

You will receive a lot of information and instructions from the teachers, lecturers and the books you’ve read. But if you do not contemplate or meditate on this knowledge, you will get no benefits.

In order to practice Dzogchen, you need to be guided by an enlightened teacher, and after that, you have to meditate without destructions, laziness, and attachment.

Set up a proper motivation:

“I will meditate every day! I won’t fall prey to laziness and sloth for even a moment! I won’t procrastinate, concerning myself with food, future plans, hopes, or fears! I won’t let myself get lost in a state of apathy!”

You have to put all the things you’ve read and learned into practice. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time.

The Method of Meditating:

To avoid distraction from sensory cognition, meditate in total darkness and total silence with three immovables:

  • Immovable body – with body straight, hands either in the meditation pose in our laps or lightly resting on the knees

  • Immovable senses – with eyes neither closed nor wide open, but gazing naturally in front

  • Immovable mind – not actively thinking, with no thoughts of the past or future, and with no analysis. We just rest in the present moment of awareness, fresh and uncontrived, without being self-conscious about what we are doing. In other words, even if a thought arises, we do not follow it out.

With these understandings as additional preliminaries to:

  • The six outer and six inner preliminaries

  • Enormous strengthening of our enlightenment-building networks of positive force and deep awareness (collections of merit and wisdom)

  • Empowerment

  • The keeping of vows

  • Inspiration from our spiritual mentors.

Start meditating on the Six Outer Preliminaries:

  • The freedoms and advantages of precious human rebirth

  • The truth of impermanence and death

  • The workings of karma

  • The suffering of living beings within samsara

  • Benefits of Liberation

  • Attending a Spiritual Master

If you are serious about practice, you might consider practicing Ngondro.


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