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Karma and Dzogchen

The Second Mind Training

Negative acts and thoughts produce negative results and future action, as well as the lower realms and all kinds of sufferings. Whereas virtue and positive actions give raise to happiness and the higher realms.


Everything that we experience are due solely to our own Karma.


We label things as good and bad, and all these activities end up causing us nothing but suffering.

Now if we think about it carefully, and remember impermanence, we will see that everything we have done is gone and will not come back. It was like a dream, but we are still holding to it. Nothing lasts.

Yet we became obsessed with the pointless appearances or activities; getting angry or aggressive; act put passion, jealousy; experience pleasure and pain; get really disappointed when something is not going the way we wanted.

We believe everything is permanent, unchanging, and stable.


Before you start, set up a proper motivation for meditation. It is essential. Our motivation is the most important component of whatever action we do and it is our motivation that determines whether an action is virtuous or not.

Such as:

  • I do this meditation is not simply for my own benefit, but for the benefits of all sentient beings.

  • I develop the wisdom in order to be able to benefit all beings most effectively.

  • We are all interconnected. By purifying my karma, I can improve the life of people around me.

This is analytical meditation on Karma. It leads us to a complete understanding of the path to enlightenment, helps us to generate a proper motivation for Dharma practice.

Conclude your session with a dedication prayer such as

By this merit, may all beings obtain omniscience;

May it defeat the enemy, wrongdoing;

From the stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness and death; From the ocean of samsara, may all beings be free.

Karma Dzogchen
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