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Inside a Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Dress Modestly

Either male or female should have both the legs and the shoulders covered.

Take off your shoes

When visiting a temple, make sure you take off your footwear at the entrance.

Do not take pictures with your back facing Buddha statues

Taking photographs is acceptable in most Buddhist temples but make sure that whatever pictures you take you do not face your back towards the Buddha statues or images.

While inside

You can mediate or just sit silently next to walls, not in the center.

Morning puja

A puja is a special ceremony in which prayers are offered to the Buddhas to request their blessings or invoke their help.

You can visit the ceremony in the early morning to have an amazing experience of morning prayers, music instruments and chanting. Usually it starts around 6:30 am.

Praying wheels

A mantra is a word, a syllable, a phrase or a short prayer that is spoken once or repeated over and over again (either aloud or in a person's head) and that is thought to have a profound spiritual effect on the person.

Mantras may also be displayed on a prayer wheel and repeated by spinning the wheel, or written on a prayer flag - in which case the prayer is repeated each time the flag moves in the wind. *you can spin the praying wheel inside or outside a temple.

Taking pictures of monk or nuns.

You can take a picture of a monk, but not secretly. Ask first. Usually they are happy to take a picture with you, but sometimes they can refuse. You should respect their decision.

Talking to Tibetan monks or nuns.

You can approach a monk/nun if you see they are not busy. Politely ask your question, show respect.


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