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Guided Meditation on Karma

Sit in a comfortable position. If you are sitting on a chair, try to keep your back straight and your feet touching the floor. If you are sitting on a cushion, try to find the most comfortable position. Relax!

Eyes closed or open.

Just breathe, you are here and now! Just being here, being alive, trying to be the best version of yourself, and spreading the love and compassion to every sentient being on Earth.

Inhale and exhale.

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. Karma can influence you present and future. Some of your Karma was even generated in past lives.

To meditate on karma is to relflect on our actions.

Every action, every through, every intention, every thing that you take from the society has an imprint on you. You have a choice, you have a choice every single second, you have a choice to act.

Now lets think of a moment when you got really angry at a person or a situation. Why?

What happened before that moment? A day before. How was you relationship with this person?

Nothing is accidental. If we are experiencing a particular result, it is only because we have created the cause. Also what we experience is not someone else’s fault and nor is it inflicted upon us by a creator. In fact, what we experience, good or bad, is the result of our own actions.

There is no one to blame and to praise, you’ve done it by yourself. You are here and now because of your previous actions and results.

Now think of a happy moment in your life... what were the conditions before it?

Not only does each action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, condition a future result, it also reconditions the mind. We are on the hook of greed and anger, and we by ourselves created all the conditions for this anger to arise.

With an understanding of karma, of the effect of our actions, we start taking responsibility in our lives.

By doing good positive actions, and most important thinking positively, not judging anyone, we generate positive karma, we are taking responsibility, we actually start acting. Now we know it all depends on us.

When you are overwhelmed with some negativity, go back to your breath, just 3 deep breaths are enough. What you do or think now will have a result in the future. Do not waste time.

Try to use all your time, all your thoughts to make your life and everyone’s life better and more positive.

If you would like to have a guided meditation on Karma please contact us


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