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Dealing with Negativity Negativity in Dzogchen

The Sixth Mind Training

Engagement in the negative actions will cause us to be reborn in lower realms. Negativity is being created by our attachment and ignorance, as well as fixation toward the five disregard sense objects.

If our wish is to be happy, but we are still doing terrible things, we will still experience suffering and be stuck in Samsara.


Past negativity can be purified through earnest confession and self-restraint.


You have to have a strong motivation to abandon negativity once and for all because it is a cause and source of the suffering of you and all the sentient beings.

Non-virtue or negativity is:

  1. Killing. Taking the life of any sentient being. Subdivided into three categories: the intention to kill; the act of killing; the results.

  2. Stealing. Taking objects that do not belong to you. Robbery.

  3. Sexual Misconduct. Sexual relationships with someone who is upholding the vow of celibacy. Someone who is married (or in a committed relationship), with a relative. Having sexual intercourse in front of the sacred object is not permitted.

  4. Lying. Telling something that is not true. Pretending that one has enlightened qualities, fully understand Dharma (when one does not), fake gurus.

  5. Harsh words. Proclaim the person’s faults openly, saying harsh words in order to hurt another person.

  6. Divisive speech. A speech that causing people to dislike one another. Something that creates a division.

  7. Gossip.

  8. Wrong views. Believe in false doctrines

  9. Ill will/Hatred. Intense hatred, obsession with harming other sentient beings.

  10. Covetousness. The strong desire for another’s wealth and possessions.

How to work with it:

Read more about each topic.

One topic at a time.



Have a strong motivation even at the cost of your life, abandon even the most minor of these.


Try to spend at least 2 meditation sessions on each topic.

Past negativity can be purified through earnest confession and self-restraint.

If you commit any of the previously mentioned actions, you should cultivate a deep sense of regret, and recitation of the “Sutra in Three Parts”.


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