Amitabha Buddha Mantra

Amitabha is a transcendent Buddha of Mahayana Buddhism, called the Buddha of Infinite Light. 

Amitabha is usually shown seated in deep concentration with half-closed eyes and hands held together at the lap in the gesture of meditation. He wears a simple monk's robe, draped over the shoulders, leaving the flesh of his chest and the lower part of one arm exposed.

Mantra of the Amitabha:


The mantra states the Perfection of Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Joyous Effort, Concentration, and Wisdom.

Om represents the enlightened body, speech, and mind;
Ami represents Buddha Amitabha;
Dewa represents the deva realms, 6 desire realms, and Brahma realms;
Hrih represents the seed syllable of compassion.


Benefits of reciting the Mantra:

The Mantra of the Buddha Amitabha provides a way for sentient beings to attain salvation from this hopeless state. 

The repetitions of his mantra are aim to enable the practitioner to bring all his or her attention upon that Buddha. 

Guided Meditation 

Amitabha Buddha Guided MeditationBuddha Land
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